Right since you guys and gals don’t appear to be up too much as of late (or if you are, you’re doing an awful job at documenting it!) I headed on down to Mulu.

So Mulu is a rather small place. The airport is actually bigger than the village. You know it’s a busy day when there are more than 10 people on your flight!

There are 3 main places you can stay…

  • At the Royal Mulu resort, it’s expensive, far away from the park and a building site – So, avoid it!
  • Inside the national park, from the outside it looks nice but a little pricier than the final option.
  • Or finally one of the ‘homestays’ just outside the park. Personally, I stayed at one of these, D’Cave. It’s a 5 minute walk along the road from the airport and it costs 25 RM a night with an awesome breakfast and ran by a knowledgeable guy called Robert.

The national park itself requires you to pay 30 RM for 5 days entrance, getting you a nice wristband:


Now you’re probably wondering when I’m going to get on to the caving part of things….

Note: Before you read the next bit, can I add that I’d had quite ALOT to drink the night before in Miri and was really quite hungover and probably reaaally dehydrated.

So … yeah. I went along to the park office to sort out some proper caving; I started by talking to the guy on the desk and to my surprise I regained consciousness about 30 minutes later. Apparently I’d had a seizure; maybe the medics reading this can help me work out why!?

Oh yeah, this happened in front of 80% of the park staff, including the park manager. Fat chance she was going to allow me to do any proper caving…in the near future anyway. Meaning the rest of my time at Mulu constituted of some show caves. They were damn impressive nonetheless; just a ‘little bit’ better than Peak Cavern.

I know it’s a short report, with some serious lack of caving; but unless you want to hear about the mountains of bat excrement in Deer Cave it’s something you’ll have to experience yourself! I’ll have to wait to return to Mulu again though to see the likes of Sarawak chamber. Oh yeah, feel free to laugh, I did!