I fear Mark may be composing an epic on this subject so I shall try to keep it brief.

I had agreed to do a bit of surveying in a cave called Nadolig (across the river from OHA) in North Wales. Disto appropriated from Brendan (he came to the pub to watch the misery on my face as South Africa brutally beat Wales 24-15, but you guys don’t care about that). So on the 8/11/13 me and Mark set off at about 10.

The journey was fantastic, we had brilliant conversations (I leave the detail for the word engineer to fill in) and stopped in Glossop to buy lunch from Tesco. It was there we found Skittles milkshake. I bought it and gave it to Mark as an experiment. He didn’t like it. He’s also still not dead. We carried on, continuing our brilliant yaking, over the border to the glorious fatherland. In no time at all we were in Mold (MOLD) and went onto Cilcain after 1 wrong turn. Mark is a much better navigator than Peachey…

We drove down a potholled track that looked a lot better on google maps :/ and pulled into the clearing before the trees that Ian from UCET quite beautifully described. There was a people carrier there. I spotted some cavers on the hill and went to chat. There was ¬†bloke from the Masson (sorry, can’t remember your name) taking a group to learn adventure skills, and we had a good chat and I took a picture of his survey. He also told (TOLD) me of the other entrance. Eventually we got a shift on and went underground via the open entrance. We popped down the entrance tube to see some lovely phreatic passage, dry but muddy with life in it. There was a spider, a centipede and various different flies (not unpleasant mind). We poked our head down a dig and began a survey. The disto initially worked a treat but after a while (and 1 leg into the proper survey) it stopped measuring distance.

Anyhoo, we crawled around and ad a look at quite a nice cave. We went out and tried to find the other entrance back on the surface (and after much shrub destroying) found it on the path. Again we popped down, saw a fair few bats, I sent Mark round a tight crawl and we went to look at another dig. It faintly smelt of diesel in one bit and went for a damn long way (look out western highway!). Mark didn’t join me for that adventure as he had been attacked by an aquatic small mammal (VOLED). We didn’t fancy the squeeze over a chossy pitchead to go look at a mine and so zoomed out. I took mark to the river but forgot that OHA was the otherside of the um… err… Sewage treatment works. OHA is awesome and not sewagey!

I decided to wade down the river to see if the entrance was still open. The rapids on the way were fun and I was a little relieved (perversely) to see water just pulsing over the lid to OHA. I went back got changed after washing. That was cold (COLD) and I made sure to fold (FOLD) my oversuit into a different bag as it was wet. A trip of pure comedy gold (GOLD), how we lol’d (LOL’d)

I’ll stop. That’s it for now.