A few weeks ago myself and Rostam took some freshers on the peak round trip. We met Charlie and Lenore at the notty house pub at 9, and after picking up some kit we were off.

Rostam provided commentary and musical accompaniment on the journey, and we made it to Castleton in good time, despite all the cyclists, and my driving!

When we arrived at the TSG, we got changed quickly and headed off to peak cavern. As we went through the cave, Rostam talked about the sciency stuff and pointed out a few fossils (of course I understood everything he said). The muddy ducks were relatively pleasant and both Charlie and Lenore squeezed under the boulder in the streamway.

The trip was very enjoyable, and on the way out there was a ‘small’ water fight. We wandered back through the show cave, and got back to the TSG at quarter past 12. Yes, 12:15! I think that was the fastest trip I have ever been on, and with almost no faff!

As we were out so early we decided to go for lunch in buddy’s, and I have to say they do some really nice burgers!