Having finished yet another exam (for my sins),  I found myself at a loss of what to do. So I went to the SUSS hut to find Sam all by his lonesome – but not watching Ted, fortunately. We decided not to go caving on wednesday (the 19th) evening as it was very pleasant so had a fair bit of cider in the sun. Thursday on the other hand we schemed over.

I hadn’t been underground since the annual dinner (which was excellent and no trip report has been written up – me ‘n Lil Chris can’t write everything btw, and being dyslexic is not an excuse twatbags) and for Skiddy the dry spell had been longer, in more than one way. Come on Nikki, take the hint.  To put his hands to a more useful purpose we decided to do an Oxlow Maskhill exchange. I was to rig Oxlow and derig Maskhill and Sam vice versa.  We worked out that we had just about enough kit to bodge it, (7 krabs would do for Oxlow right?) and set off at about half elven after my panic over having lost my wallet. We got there at  12 and were underground before half past.

I went down Oxlow and remembered what it was like to cave.  It was a relief to get underground as it was quite humid and warm. Not going to lie I was a little sweaty. Going down I realised  there were some new fairly shiny blue slings. That was odd. Zipping down I realised that the black rope  had gone. This was a little inconvenient.  I quickly went back up the pitch and rigged it as tight as a Scotsman. I got most of the way down the slope and tied m last 20m onto the end of the rope to see it reach the pitch head and go 3m down the pitch. Bugger.

What to do? De-rig and head out carrying the pinic that was slowly turning into an inedible mush.  Ughh. Never mind. I prussiked out  carring my 3 tacke sacks, good Berger training, put them back in the car and then walked back up the hill, good Berger training, the pop down Maskhill to find Sam and tell him I’m not dead. He was only a little disappointed. He had seen no rope and turned round. Having derigged a couple of pitches and carrying a bag he headed out and I took over.  The rigging was 100% okay and in no way unsafe.

All in all it was a good trip as evidenced by chafeage. Good berger training. Now t’pub! (Good Berger training?)