Thought I’d do a bit for our international relations this weekend so I headed up (on my own) to the Bradford to meet up with some of our cross border cousins from the GSG. It had absolutely nothing at all to do with the fact that Chris was one of them, honest.

Anyway I turned up on Saturday evening, trying not to feel too hung-over from a big works do the night before. After a bit of grub and a chat with some of the BPC members the foreigners arrived back from their trip down By George in a fairly muddy state. So after saying hello to Chris and Ross and being introduced to Tam we headed off to the Crown for a couple of beers, or coke in my case still feeling fragile from the previous evening (ok I had a beer). After some snickers based jokes we set off back on the longer than remembered walk back to the hut.

Come the morning we decided, eventually, that we were going to go down Rowten and nobody fancied a massively hard trip. We picked up an extra straggler in the form of Chris Jewell and set off.But not before Tony and his van of shiny things arrived and relieved me of some money in exchange for a tiny little croll. Finally gone midday we made it underground and I rigged the way down the very fun big hole on a hill on a lovely combination of 9 and 8.5mm rope. For the first time I got all the way to the sumps, after falling into the pool at the bottom of the waterfall and had a look at one on the to-do list from the black book. After a bit of a natter I set off up the string and left Chris and Chris to de-rig while I dangled around.

Fun trip over we headed back down the hill and got changed. We said farewell and plans laid for a trip up to to the far reaches of the north, set off for home.