I thought it was time for another adventure to South Wales, and it turned out to be a very good weekend to finish the year of caving off.

After arriving on Friday Caitlin and Mark went caving whilst I made a big fire in the living room and cooked some supper. Everyone arrived quite late but we still had a good few hours of catching up. Southampton Uni caving club were also staying at the SWCC so it was good to meet them.

On Saturday we went in a mass group down Top entrance of OFD with Tom1, Glen, Dave, Jethro, Racheal, Victor, Tom G and Mark H. There was lots of good banter as we made our way around. We went down gnome passage and edwards shortcut to shatter piller and selenite tunnel.

After getting very wet going down Maypole inlet to look at the streamway we then headed to the trident which is a massively long impressive stal coming down from the roof. There was lots of pretty stuff in swamp passage, and then it was time to head out. I enjoyed climbing up the corkscrew; who doesn’t love a bit of climbing over big very polished boulders above an exposed drop.

On Sunday we went in Cwm Dwr and had a potter about. We were curious about why the little chamber in the middle of the crawl was a Category 2 Confined Space, which was actually not that confined compared to the actual crawl. As soon as we popped out of the crawl we had a very civilised stop for tea and biscuits, before tackling the boulder choke. After a while we found our way through, had a bit of an explore at the other end and then decided to head back so we could get out in reasonable time. Climbing out over the wooden beams and through the concrete tubes was fun.

Getting changed in the warm and dry SWCC changing rooms was fab, we had some toast, pottered about for a bit and then headed back home.

Thanks to Tom1, Glen, Dave, Jethro, Racheal, Victor, Tom G and Mark H for your patience and help whilst I took some photos.