It always seemed a shame that SUSS and MUSC didn’t bump into each other more often, so I had the thought of arranging a joint weekend away (Thanks for Annie for the organising she did).

As we pulled up to the BPC we noticed it looked rather empty with there being no lights on. Then we spotted the electrical van… Luckily the lights were turned on shortly afterwards, although how he managed it without fixing the fuses we didn’t want to think too much about. After a good evening of catching up and playing ‘who can fit under the metal bar on the bottom of the table’ it was time for sleeps to get energy ready for Gaping Gill.

As we were getting changed some cavers (I don’t know their names) came and said they would drive us part way up the hill if we would carry some planks of wood to their dig. So we took them up on this. Watching a long line of cavers trudge up the hill carrying a plank each was very reminiscent of the ‘Life of Brian’. We eventually got to their dig and then after a short rest continues along to GG entrances.

I went down Small Mammal and came out Bar with Mike, David, David from MUSC and Tom H from the digging party. It was amusing to see how incredibly far apart the two entrances were and how far we would end up travelling….

Small Mammal was fun, a nice calcite climb, a squeeze Mike and one of the Davids got stuck in for a bit, dropping into Bar at the second pitch. We excitedly sped to the main chamber, impressive as ever especially with the increased water. We then went up to Mud Hall and had a picnic of Banana Soreen and Pink Juice. All energised up we made our way back out. I forgot how tight the top of Bar pitch was but only a few metres of squeezing before I got to the lovely drafty entrance. Once everyone was out back down the hill we went, very ready for a very late but very tasty supper of toad-in-the-hole.

On Sunday me, Caitlin, Tom1, Mandy, Tom G, Jack and Glen went to Valley entrance to check out how wet it was. We did the traverse which was really fun, and then we dropped down into the stream way. It was very very wet… For every step you had to brace yourself to the floor to not fall over and in some parts it was necessary to bridge against the walls because the water was too fast flowing. Exciting, but if the water was any higher it wouldn’t have been possible. We headed out while Glen and Caitlin derigged. Out in the light and it was quite mild so nice changing conditions.

The end of a very fun weekend. I can say for certain there will definitely be more SUSS/MUSC weekends in the future 🙂