Many beers on Friday night rendered me highly enthusiastic about caving straight away on Saturday morning… I have no idea why…I think I may still have been a bit intoxicated. That and excited at the prospect of caving with so many people I’ve not caved with for a while.

Scott, Alisa and Mike were seemingly eager to get caving, so after slowly munching down a small breakfast because I was somehow the last one up (It was only 8.30) I was running round getting my gear ready. After a lapse in communication the eager beavers left without the wallowing quasi Scotsman. Again, my enthusiasm for a full days caving wasn’t diminished and I began the walk up to Maskhill. Luckily as I was nearing the bottom of Winnats pass, Big Red came tearing down the hill and graciously picked me up like a forgotten child.

Mike forgot his croll and handjammer (this is becoming somewhat of a trait of yours Mike) and Scott forgot his wellies.

Chaz and Dave had rigged Maskhill on Friday evening for the weekends activities so there was no faff at all on the way down. After some picture taking we started out and bumped into a jolly Rostam, Motorbike Dave, James Rhodes who I’ve not seen in many moons, some Guppettes and some of our eager freshers. After we passed each other and got out to the surface I decided to pop down Oxlow to catch up to Tom1, Samwise, Mark, Tom G and Jethro. Very fun zipping down ropes on my own and running down the slope of doom towards the last pitch.

I caught up with the group as Jethro was stuck in a bouldery squeeze and took pleasure in scaring Samwise with the threat of boulders collapsing on him (there’s an award winning trip report called ‘Between a choke and a darkplace’ that same wrote about a previous ordeal).

Popped along a bit further and established that my Pantin is crap by swapping with Tom1 whos doesn’t slip at all. Went up the tirolean (tirolean – soft green felt hat with a feather or brush cockade)  (I know its tyrolean but I prefer this definition).

This was where we were greeted by the cast of thousands. The group had multiplied and now consisted of some TSG folk and I’m sure more other people than I saw on the way up previously. It was quite entertaining confusing freshers about how I was still below them despite having already passed them going out of Maskhill the first time (witchcraft I tell thee!).

All got out safely after a cracking trip / trips with a cast of thousands who I’d not caved with / seen for some time.

God bless SUSS (and motivational alcohol!)


I expect there’ll be a few more trip reports about the party that occurred on Saturday evening and the trips that happened on Sunday…