Having not posted a report in a while I thought I’d write a little something about a certain cave that has been a bit vexing of late. My first attempt at going down this particular cave earlier in the week didn’t go exactly to plan. The ide was to go and have a look at a couple of places high up in maggins rift which apparently haven’t been looked at closely in a while and a couple of potential bolt climbs. So after a slightly disappointing lack of interest from anyone else I decided to take a leaf out of stupid Brendan’s book and set out for a solo trip.

After parking up and getting changed I set off towards the entrance and as I took my helmet in hand and turned it on was dismayed to see precisely no light appear. Balls, turns out it must have been turned on in my bag since the previous weekend and thoroughly discharged itself. Not wanting to have wasted a journey out to the peaks I had a rummage around my car and found a spare torch with batteries of dubious origin, elasticated it to my helmet and set off again determined to get underground. taking longer than usual due to diminished lighting I managed to get as far as about 30m down the crabwalk and climbing up to the top of the rift before getting scared at not being able to see my feet thanks to my torch being good as a spot and not much else so made my way back out from one of my shortest trips.

Along comes saturday and having agreed to take Sott Alisa and Her brother on a trip I turn up at the car park for the second time in a week and promptly receive a phone call from Alisa informing me that they’ve only just woken up following a lively night out in Rugby! Well, sod it, I thought to myself, I’ll have a go at what I failed to do days before. this time I succedded in my aim and had a good trip to the eating house, a short detour to the top of Geology to see some nice new rope down there and a good poke around Maggins rift before heading back out all in just over an hour and a half.

with still an hour or so to kill I had a spot of lunch in Castleton before settling down in the car for a nap while I waited for the others to turn up. as I close my eyes the heavens open and I realise having had glorious sunshine to change in in the morning I am not going to be so fortunate a second time round. At long last the rest of the troupe arrive and after much faff in the rain we get underground. All said and done we did have a very good trip all the way down to far curtain in pretty dry conditions despite the storm on the surface.

Having managed to do three trips down here in under a week and two of those on the same day I can’t help but feel I’m pre-empting freshers time once again but never mind, there’s always fun and faff to be had down Giants Hole.