I’ve not been caving for a while so I was looking forward to giving myself a good beasting this weekend – I certainly achieved that!

Tom1 and Rostam drove up from Sheffield on Friday afternoon and I followed them in my van.  We managed to get ourselves stuck in some hideous traffic in Bradford, so we had to entertain ourselves with games such as: How far can you get without needing to steer?  Who can move their vehicle around most?  Who can spill the most beer in their car? (Rostam won that one).

Eventually we made it to the Dales and got ready for our trip down Swinsto.  Tom1 was the only one who had done the trip before, so he had to find the entrance.  There was quite a bit of wandering around in a field trying to figure out which of the many holes was the right one, a scenario which gave me a certain amount of deja vu…  Anyway we did find the right cave and proceeded to have a lovely splishy splashy time.

Saturday was the day of the Grand Gaping Gill Exchange.  I decided to go in Marilyn and out Corky’s with Brendan Fish and Mr Alisa Duncan because I hadn’t done either of those routes before.  Going in Marilyn was fun and not too taxing, and we met up with the exchange team (Rosie, Ian, MUSCy Ben).

When they were explaining the way out of Corky’s to us, they kept giggling and looking very pleased.  It turned out that they were pleased because they didn’t have to go out Corky’s and I can see why!  It’s tight and wet and awkward and has an excellent selection of misery to suit all tastes; in other words a brilliant trip!

Thanks to everyone who organised the weekend – I really enjoyed it.