After a cracking little trip down Gaping Gill on the Saturday, the Sunday brought on the desire to do something a little different.

After consulting with the resident ‘Not For The Feint Hearted’ guru, Muscy Ben over a lovely, hearty breakfast provided by Mr Willats, a cave called Brown Hill Pot was mentioned. The smug grin on Benjys face regarding the tightness and awkwardness of the entrance series was reassuring and my enthusiasm for doing a trip that I’d never done / heard of was mighty high! After about 30 seconds of hearing about the trip, I’d recruited a Tom1 and Machine Mackrill.

Tom’s ‘I’ve never not found a cave entrance’ claim remains true as finding the entrance was a piece of proverbial piss. Jokes were abound about tetanus when sliding down the rusty entrance barrels into a passage that resembled the Giants crabwalk… on crack… After much thrutching* through the tight, (nearly) person sized  meandering passage me and Tom noted the surprising absence of the Machine. Backtracking, it turned out that Brendan’s thigh was the size of my whole body and it wouldn’t fit through a particularly tight bit, regardless of trying various ways to squeeze through. He nobly decided to backtrack to do a different cave that wasn’t exclusively for skinny boys. That said, the cave soon improved immeasurably after the initial awkwardness!

A twat of a pitch head meant SRT kits were donned in the tightest of spaces before zipping down the lovely lovely pre rigged 8mm string. A short crawl led to an impressive chamber with a nice waterfall dropping from the left. An initial roof traverse led to a big hole with no rope and certain pain if we’d have tried to traverse around it. Wedging my body down the rift led to a nice climb down back to the streamway leading (eventually) to the massively impressive 60m Puits Ian Plant  pitch. One more pitched followed, with Tom finding himself about 3 metres short of the ground (similar to what happened to me on the entrance to Flood in GG. You definitely need a 30m rope instead of a 25!). Luckily another, adequately long rope was also present and after a quick mid rope change over reached the sump. Fuelled by Jelly Babies courtesy of the absent Mackrill we said our hellos and goodbyes to the sump and sped back out. It seemed to take no time at all to get out and back to the first pitch, despite much more *thrutching in the awkward crawl traverse which was all fairly exposed. It seemed that there were others struggling with the entrance series so we waited a while until the grunts subsided, indicating that the cave had defeated yet more slightly larger cavers than ourselves! We emerged victorious about 3 an a half – 4 hours after entering.


A fantastic trip was had (sorry Brendan) and it is highly recommended to those smaller young boys and girls wanting an awkward but thoroughly rewarding trip!



*1. To move around with arms held above the head in the manner of an upright crab.

2.  To climb without grace.

3.  Description of awkward and strenuous moves, usually up a crack or chimney.

4.  The name given to the “pressure” applied to the internal muscles required to push out a turd.