Given recent outdoor temperatures, when myself and Brendan MacKrill were asked to do some SRT training by some unSUSSpecting freshers, we decided that rather than go to the tower as usual, we could make use of Suicide cave for it’s only real purpose. So after the semi-compulsory faff that Brendan claims suss is plagued by was brought on this time by him forgetting to pick up the helmets for our trip, we set out into the peaks.

All kitted up we headed underground and Brendan rigged the first pitch, a whopping 4m drop, while I faffed around being unhelpful and taking pictures. rigging done our pair of freshers set about learning the ropes without even being as courteous as getting strung up once, how dull…

As the freshers got to grips with the basics the basics and the whole do as I say and not as I do thing, we decided to pit our two freshers in an SRT race against each other up and down the two pitches which ended up a very close run thing.

Racing over and fresherlings a bit pooped we gathered up out gear and headed out into the cold and wind, satisfied and glad we hadn’t been getting blown about the tower.