Sunday 9th October 2011

Now able to pronounce Ogof Ffynnon Ddu without Rostam scowling at me, we both set off down the hill with The Daddy and 2 SWCC members Richard and Emma to the land which their club now famously owns. The stream-way was fantastic to stomp through and there were some challenging climbs and balancing acts over scaff bars laid across the large pots in the floor. The sheer size of ODF is very impressive, It must take a lot more trips before I’ll know the way. Brendan told us a lot about the history as we went; like how the connection was dug, but actually unplugged the bottom of a huge lake of water which surged out and destroyed most of the delicate formations which the diggers had broken into. Because we made such fast progress we decided to explore around a bit before exiting through the long squalid crawl that is Cwm Dwr.Call out set: 17:00, In 12:15, Out: 15:15.