Saturday 22nd October 2011

Having set out call out, Myself and Brendan set off up the hill. I rigged while Brendan free-climbed down behind me. For Bottle Pitch he showed me how to tie what I think is an over hand-bunny ears knot. . . What ever it is it proved to be a right bugger to undo. Once we were down The Gully we then thrutched out way down Crumble and Beza and continued on using some in situ hand-lines but mostly free climbing. We took a look up Red River Passage but not down Hell or Dratsab. To be honest all the rock down there looks proper sketchy so I was happy to be back at Beza. It’s such a drippy cave that we got surprisingly wet on the way out.  Having rigged the whole cave I also de-rigged allowing Brendan to freeze his nips off on the surface.  This took a while as the cave had quickly eaten through 18 maillons and several snap-gates on the multitude of in situ slings. Call Out: 21:00, In 11:30, Out: 15:45.