Saturday 15th October 2011

I seconded with Adam leading, taking Jodie, Richard and Conor. We entered the middle section which was bustling with children eager to ask us questions about the funny looking equipment we had on. Heading downstream, Conor had lots of fun slipping on the climbs and getting totally soaked through. Adam rigged Dollytubs and I whizzed down the rope to untangle the rats nest that was the electron ladder which had landed in a heap on a ledge half-way down the pitch. In the same moment we arrived at the inside of Allum Pot the sun was in just the right spot to stream in over us making the waterfall all sparkly and the cave lit up. That has got to be one of the best cave views in the whole of Yorkshire. On the way back up Conor made the ladder climb sound painful but we all made it to the top and began to explore the Upper section of Long Churn. Three of us enjoyed squeezing through The Cheese-Press only to encounter yet more young cavers on led trips. Conor had a rather long fall sliding from halfway up Dr Banisters landing in another big splash but luckily emerged unscathed. On the way back down the hill we passed UNCC as they made their way to Long Churn too, then made it back to the car to scoff brownies and let Conor get out of his wet clothes. Call out set: 18:00, In 11:15, Out: 15:15.