Saturday 15th October 2011

Rostam, MUSCy Ben, Stemple (he has a real name it’s either Rob or Joe) and I went down Aquamole. Getting disapproving looks from a postman who drove past whilst we changed, we carried on to get geared up for the steep walk to the cave. Once there, Stemple lit up his carbide lamp (which was amazing once we were underground). Aquamole consisted of three pitches with a lot of rebelaying; I of course got stuck somewhere along the line. Rostam had a bit of singing competition as Stemple had quite a voice. On the way back we bumped into Rosie and Ian who had come down to de-rig it after us.

Great cave for SRT practice! 🙂

That is all I can remember. Oh and I left my gloves up there. They are purple and peach if anyone ever comes across them.