Monday 29th August 2011

Waking up in the TSG, I went up to the entrance in Roy’s van with Cat, Adam and their friend Stuart. Ann handed me the entrance rope which I rigged and we promptly shot down to feast on Haribo at the bottom. We made it to the crawl to JH, me and Cat in our element having been there the day before and familiar with the route beyond. Down the ladders to Speedwell streamway then right the way to the end of Cliff Cavern. Bearing right we followed the newly rigged route with nice shiney bolts dripping with sparkley hangers. After negotiating a sketchy boulder choke we made it to a final sedimented upstream crawl to a puddle at the end. while we headed back down I took the opportunity to take a look at the older bolts leading to digs elsewhere;the higher option being a gooey orange colour and the lower one a snotty grey/green, I chose neither… Back to the JH connection, on to and through The Whirlpool, down into the lower bung series counting two left turns before finding The Short Bypass (Roy had even left a cairn to help me). Up the next set of ladders then drudged through Colostomy – after a weekend of ceilidhing, partying, drinking and caving, this really was punishment at least for two of us. Upon reaching The Trenches it was time for our second course of Haribo. There was some splashing about in Muddy Ducks to get clean – now colder – we went down the slide several times to warm back up again before leaving just as Irene was locking up.