Saturday 27th August 2011

Me and Darren entered the cave at 11:20 dragging a bag each, no problems route finding just yet… at the sump Darren gasped like really expecting a goblin to jump out of the water and attack us. We made it to the up pitches alive, turned off before the digs to head down the downstream pitches. Our gear being sparse, a haul cord went on a deviation and a random maillon on the last bolt on the 3rd pitch before reaching the terminal sump at 13:30. The eerie feeling came over me too that hanging around here would anger the cave demons so with time ticking away before an ambitious 17:00 call out, it was time to bezz! The tight chimneys proved a challenge for Darren – holding us up a little – though what really threw a spanner in the works was what happened next! Finding ourselves in Fox Chamber we despaired at not being able to find the climb out, after some perseverance we made it to Main Chamber and found the same problem. I think dropping crumbs on the way in would have been a very good idea. Having wasted 50 minutes lost we popped out and legged it back down the hill to stand down the army of cavers H had assembled ready for us with just 5 minutes to spare. Thank you and sorry H!