I somehow managed to persuade 5 of my friends that they would like to go caving, even after the comment from one of them…’ Ellie, you aren’t going to kill us are you?!’ So on Saturday 9th July Tom1, Dave and me took them for a gaunt down Giants hole, upper series.

There were mixed feelings over the ladder. Some slight panic, some tiredness and some just beasted up it. Whilst I derigged, coiled the ladder and packed it all away Tom and Dave took them off to the sump, which was where I caught up with them. I gave them all a demonstration of jumping in but no one else decided that getting cold and wet was much fun so we headed on out.

Rob got a bit stuck at one point, but we managed to get him to un-wedge himself and climb higher up, but he did not panic and still had a great trip. No other difficulties or hitches along the way, and I think seeing daylight made at least one of my friends rather happy!

All round I think it was a great success and my friends all had fun, at least 4 of them want to come caving again, and are already booking space in their diaries for another caving visit which is good news. Chloe who goes to Hallam is up for joining SUSS next year, and 2 of them go to Manchester met so are keen on joining MUSC.

On the 12th July Tom1, Tom S, Sam and I all went to Giants, but a longer trip ensued this time. We went to bottom it, and the ducks at the bottom were drier than normal so we went and poked around East Canal. Although there was enough air space the water was still very cold.

I rigged and led the way to be sure I know and am confident on knowing my way round. We all had a fun trip me thinks.

In the car on the way back Tom S says ‘how the hell did a jellybear get stuck in my hair?!?!’…