I’m writing this through a haze of ale induced dizziness and pain. Ugh.

The plan was to head down to the Kelham Island Tavern (a fantastic pub) and then go to many others on our way back up to our usual home, the Cobden View.

Armed with a merry squad of drinkers consisting of Big Chris, Me, Tom1, Rosie, Kate and her housemate Charlotte we mosied on down the hill to the first drinking establishment.

Mike was happily waiting for us to arrive and had a head start on the beers. As drinking commenced, Tom Strickland turned up and we soon vacated to the equally awesome Fat Cat where more drinking occurred. We soon left here after I somehow managed to rekindle a drinking spark after I was feeling rotten after a night out at corp the previous evening. By the 3rd or 4th pint the beers were rolling down like a dream…
We wandered up to the Wellington, which is another brilliant pub just near Tescos and I had a good drunken chat with the bar man about an Msc in Microbrewing and complimenting them on their very tasty beer that was brewed in a shed out the back.

Rostam, Henry and Katie arrived and after more beer we vacated on the trek up to the Cobden. From this point on it was a standard Cobden night with a hefty conversation about Euthanasia and other topics like are Macs better than Windows (which I think we fairly conclusively decided that PCs were a shit ton better, much to Tom Stricklands dismay.)
With the standard drinking crowd dissipating the usual susspects remained until the VERY end.
Me, Mike, Tom1 and Rostam left the Cobden at dawn, as signalled by the chirping birds, after a few free pints from Bods!


Although I’m paying the price a little today…