Diving – faf

SRT – faf

Photography – faf

So what happens if you combine all three in one trip? Go diving in Buxton Water, Peak Cavern. Then climb the ropes up the aven that’s in the middle of the sump. Finally bolt a tripod to the wall and try to take a photo of two more divers underneath you. Do the three faf factors add up or multiply?

As it turns out it all went reasonably well. I dived the sump and got up the pitch before Jim came through with more lighting. We had time to set up before Colin arrived with his bright submersible lamp to light up the sump pool.

Buxton Water Aven

Lots of photos were taken for a future article and survey by Jim. Colin suffered being told to swim up stream, turn around, shine his light back downstream and count to 20. Jim Managed to mostly stay still on the 4 or 5 second exposures while I hung from a rope trying to light the scene.