By Imo

Saturday Myself, Mike the Little ‘uns and Kat (from UBSS) went into JH and out of Peak via Pilkingtons. Now our first hurdle was to get up to JH, as not coming 0ut we prefered not to leave a car. I wokr Glenn from his deep slumber with the threat of a kiss and the promise of a bacon buttie. He conceeded and he and Ali gave us a lift to the top of the hill (although the bastards almost left without me faff tart that I am).

Bottomed JH no bother! (pre rigged). The Speedwell streamway was damn near empty with all the wonderful warm weather we’ve been having. Got to Pilkos. Be warned Pilkingtons has a long and arduous crawl, poor Tom1 killed his knees on the rough cobbles, without knee pads!!! The pitches – some of which have been rebolted are really really nice, especially the first pitch. Like the Dales. At the top in Mud Hall there is some very nice baby formations covering the ceiling. A lot more going on there than I expected actually. Good little inlet which I had a crack at digging – Easy and a draught – going to  the surface no doubt. Wonderful smelling clean air up there.

Back down the pitches and out via Collostomy which was wetter and less flat out than I remember it, but perhaps thats my memory playing tricks.

It was cracking day out 6hours underground, and just the caving work out I needed for myself!!