Here is a selection of random stuff I found whilst finally sorting through the big bags of chairman’s stuff:

A couple of old jokes

“I’ve got a dog called Minton
he’s always running after shuttlecocks…”

“I slept with a horse last night”
“What was it like?”

And this still holds some truth

Unsure of life after your degree? Join SUSS and your life is sorted.
It’s easy, live at Norman’s and get a job with High Rise.


Some Comments from the old hut log book

28/3/98 Notts Pot

‘Comments about Guy Smith waking us up at 7.30am with a ladle on the pressure cooker here…’

(Sounds a bit like Edd to me)

21/6/98 Gaping Ghyll
“Stumbled upon a couple giving new meaning to the term ‘main shaft’ outside jib tunnel”

“Sarah Lomas has nice gazoombas.”
Adam Spillane

“Mad as a badger. But not as mad as an aircraft hanger full of badgers. Not even as mad as a convention of badgers celebrating national badger day.”

14/5/99 Penyghent / Alum Pot
The SUSS labour force has arrived to paint the hut and wash the dishes. However, we have revolted (we’re also revolting), and discovered a revolutionary new way to make toast.

The Toast Song
We like toast
Toast, toast, toast,
We make toast better than most
Come to our hut, we’ll be your host,
We’ll make you lots of lovely toast.
Annie, Alys, Sion and Dirty Tim


“Birks Fell was great, it’s not all hideous crawling, whatever Suzy says, it’s just mostly hideous crawling…”