Whilst bored at the weekend, I cooked up a plan to do the exchange from Elizabeth to Crumble & Beza trip…I thankfully got 3 other slim keen-beans to join me on the trip – Chris, Tom1 and Ellie.

With Oscar fully taxed and MOT’d up (thank god!) we decided to use this trusty stead on our way to the cave. Since Winnats Pass was closed we chose the scenic route around Edale, and as we admired the view we also lamented on how ace the new website is!

Without much faff, we got to the cave and enjoyed the dying light as Chris rigged the entrance series…At the bottom we split up – Ellie beginning the rigging down Elizabeth, whilst Chris rigged Crumble and Beza. Ellie seemed mildly disappointed that Elizabeth wasn’t as big as she remembered, whilst I remembered how annoying stops can be on dry ropes on slightly longer pitches. I then began rigging on spits, and concluded that if one spit is looking slightly dodgy – the solution is to find as many others to avoid it. A lovely y-hang was rigged and we continued down – the rope just reached the ledge to stand on to get off – sweet!

Looking at a puddle, and hearing the Little’uns chattering on the other side – it was definitely time to go through it. Helmets off, SRT kits off and a quick squeeze through the water got us through…then about 5/6m of crawling whilst pushing the kit through left us at the bottom of Beza where the others awaited. We didn’t quite understand what the fuss was about to be honest!

A brief chat with the others, and then off me and Ellie went…I decided to save a wee bit of time by free-climbing the bottom of Beza – and quite pleasant climbing it was! After de-rigging I went and had a quick explore – following copious piles of bang wire up towards a dig. On my return Ellie had finished de-rigging the rope and it was time to join the others up the entrance pitches. Despite voices coming from above us, and no rope on Elizabeth – Ellie seemed to think they were still below – bizarre!

An uneventful exit got us out in time for tea and medals – and off we went home in Oscar…The trip was a nice new addition to trips in the Peaks, and would be quite amusing with fatties! Time to find another slightly new trip for the next adventure…