After a rather musical start to the AGM (we had some sort of terrible musical being practiced next door), the rest of the meeting went rather smoothly – the typical objections and abstentions were completed – and added amusement to the event.

With all the formalities done, it was time for the pub – firstly Interval. We were bitterly disappointed (get the pun!), so off we headed to the Dev Cat for some much nicer beverages. Mine went down all-too-quickly in the Chair’s challenge; but there was a plentiful supply that night.


Chris had undercover detectives in the Steel and received a tip-off that there was a free Paddy’s Party Tent. This sounded much better than the union night – so off we toddled. We lost most of the others on the way but this left those on the Guinness to enjoy the random Irish bands playing covers to all the old favourites. Much dancing, and dodging the drips of condensing sweat occurred – and it was a good night for all. Not such a good morning for some!


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