Yet another fantastic weekend and a chance to meet up with loads of other cavers from different uni clubs. As well as SUSS there was a gaggle of GUPA, a good many MUSC, a bunch of UBSS a couple of Yorkies and a brief visit from a Peachy. Curtasy of Edd Willats and Ben Wright a memorable weekend was had by all and whats more, no one needed rescuing, not even the three of us that went from lancaster to pipikin.

Saturday night was one of the strangest evenings i have had in quite a long time with everything from a fantastic SUSS (Rostam) led sing-along to clothes swapping and table rugby, as well as all the usual caving game antics. Unfortunately for those of us who were up until the early hours we lost a whole hour to  the changing clocks too which made getting up for breakfast that little bit harder and I didn’t stay in bed an hour and a half longer than most, honest.

Needless to say I would bet on this becoming an annual meet for northern uni clubs. I’m looking forward to next years already.