Yesterday, on perhaps the warmest sunniest day of the year, a reluctant Tom1, ‘Lil’ Chris’ and Big Chris for some reason decided to go digging for the inevitable Stoney master system. With much ‘why are we going digging on a day like today? We must be insane’ we decended upon the sleepy little town of Eyam at about 4pm. The looks from passers by was enough to confirm our madness and putting on a dusty muddy oversuit in ‘tropical’ temperatures was not pleasant. Big Green Chris had a job getting his wellies on and equipped with our very overkill 50m rope (it was all we could find in our respective houses) we descended Eyam Shaft into the cold ‘why the fuck are we here and not in a beer garden’ recesses of Carlswark.
I could go into details about the dig but that might cause a surge of excitement and enthusiasm from people so I wont divulge the pleasures of it… All I’ll say is the mud had a chocolatey fudge milkshake consistency and we recon we could go into the luxury spa business selling ‘Pure Hand Bottled Derbyshire Mud’.
We got out about 10 buckets in total and perhaps it was just my delusion but I’m sure I could feel a draft……. Honest.

The Stoney Titan awaits us…

By Chris Playfoot