By Tom1

So it begins. Last night myself and Lil’ Chris took two innocent freshers fro a trip down Flower pot into carlswark for a jaunt to the new SUSS dig. An eventful trip from flower pot when at last we reached the last wet squeeze out of Dynamite series for some reason unbeknown to myself, after having watched the others go through safely I followed and forgot to have an arm out in front and got a little bit wedged in :-( Still I managed to wiggle forward enough to get an arm out and pull myself out, there are definite advantages to being small and supple ;-)

Drama over and about to head off to the dig, Chris turns around and asks ‘where’s the shovel?’ we look at each other then our gaze is slowly drawn back the the little wet hole we passed moments earlier and sigh.

Shovel recovered the group proceeded to the dig where we investigated the dam newly built by James and John before removing several loads of spoil giving Squirrel and Rob their first experiences of Derbyshire digging.

After we started to feel a little chilly we headed out Eyam Dale shaft and de-rigged flower pot. Cracking trip over and done with we drove back to sheffield where a well deserved friary was enjoyed.

The breakthrough will come!