by Sully

Our first attempt (15th Jan) to look for Moss Chamber at Peak Cavern ended at the entrance of where we wanted to be. Edd, Jen, Rostam, Jonny and I reached the Eye Hole and then decided to go back. Although we didn’t get to where we wanted to be, it was a good caving trip with Jen collecting buttons on the way, Jonny damaging his kneepads, Edd cheating on the waterfight game by trying to dip my head in the stream and Rostam loving the crawls.

Later that day Steve, Jonny, Rostam and I went to visit Megatron, an underground tunnel in Sheffield. Being the organised person that I am, I didn’t take any form of light to help me underground. This was a good exploratory trip. Some random person had left a pair of trousers down there which we found but left in case they came back for it.

The next weekend, we went to hunt for Moss Chamber again.  This time, the crew consisted of Edd, Rosie, Jonny, Tom1, Jeff and I. After squeezing through the Eye Hole, we walked through a waist high pool (waist high for me) to stand near the famous calcite flow of Moss Chamber. It is so far, the prettiest cave that I’ve seen. Jeff explained the story behind Neil Moss’s tragedy even after many rescue attempts. His name was engraved on a rock opposite the calcite formation.

If we can get the DVD of ‘Fight for Life- The Neil Moss Story’ on the SUSS archives, I’d be interested to watch it.