by Sully

The South Wales weekend was a success although when we first arrived – there was no water and the toilet facilities were closed (frozen) but this was soon fixed. On Saturday Brendan, Rostam, Tom S, Pointy Tom, Helen and I visited the top entrance of Ogof.  It was amazingly pretty throughout and for someone who was trying out their camera for the first time, I wanted to take pictures of everything.

We were awed (well, I was) by ‘The Big Chamber near the Entrance’ (yes, that is what it was called) before going onto other parts like Gnome Passage. We continued on to see The Trident and the Judge; two features of the cave that had us staring for a while. We also named a section of the cave: Brendan’s Aven©, since nobody else had given it a name on the map.  The cave was generally huge and stompy and the scenery was much appreciated.

On Sunday Edd, Rostam and I went to check out the gorge and the cave (Ogof Clogwyn) hidden nearby.  There was no crawling involved although Rostam was intrigued by a part of the cave called ‘the nostrils’.  This cave was incredibly pretty even though it was a really short trip. On the way back, Edd put the music down in the car so that Rostam could entertain us with his singing abilities all the way home. :)

Hopefully those who were struck down by Man-Flu – not mentioning any names (Ian Peachey and Scott Hill) are feeling better now.