by Sully

No idea what the temperature outside was but it was freezing – especially getting changed before going in. Tom1, Ellie and I visited Odin mine today.

On the way in, we were greeted by a friendly spider whose way I stayed out of (don’t really get on with them). It was incredibly warm inside – so much that Tom1 was snoring (he calls it ‘keeping cool’). We were generally trying to appreciate the warmth before getting back outside. There were three pitches – I would say that they were quite easy to go up and down in but as usual, I had a bit of rope trouble at the beginning. Booo!

The mine was quite interesting inside with the table legs used to hold the sides apart and the bricks used on the walls. I hope SUSS have a new year’s resolution list because one of the points going on there is to take pictures down at Odin. Ellie sounded like she knew where to put the lights to take the perfect pictures.

On the way out, I marked out SUSS in the snow. We didn’t see the spider again, but no hard feelings; I hope it stayed warm. For a cold, icy day, I would say that this trip was quite pleasant :) and would like to do it again.