By Tom1

Another year and another CHECC gone and probably quite a few brain cells. As usual an excellent weekend with SUSS putting in an admirable show with fancy dress.

From what I remember, which is unfortunately little after a bottle and a half of port, Friday night was awesome as usual with much dancing, drinking and debauching.

Saturday arrived with a beautiful snow-veiled setting making the hangover from the night before all the more painful. Saturday was a good display of inter club caving . Myself and Lil’ Chris took a group of three Leeds freshers to Bull Pot, which we found much quicker than at the leader training weekend. I must congratulate Peachy for Leeds’ strong intake this year as the trip was an absolute breeze and it was nice to see more than just the first pitch this time.

Saturday night was another strong show from SUSSites in the caving games. Emma did awesomely facing the squeeze machine for a second time getting all the way to the penultimate round. Prior to this Liz and Leonidas put on the best rounds of beer pong I’ve ever seen, demolishing several other teams despite some rather off-putting undressing by their opponents. The pair of fresh-faced drinking lightweights saw off three teams of hardened drinkers, before succumbing to the large volume of beer/cider in spectacular style but still persevering as long as possible.

Sunday morning arrived out of the blue and after all the awards and Peachy being unwillingly volunteered for the new president of the CHECC committee, people were eventually ready to go caving again. Me and Edd set off with Alireza and Leonidas to go for a jaunt down Yordas. After getting changed we set off into the little patch of trees and up to the entrance. I went down last after having a small fight with a frozen shut screwgate. after the short crawl through the icy cold water we fut the rope down the second pitch and I went first to make sure it got to the bottom properly. It didn’t. Somehow the rope had managed to loop itself around a spike of rock about a foot behind the waterfall. At this point I was immensely glad at my  descision to wear my wetsuit as a grovelled around half under the falling mass of icy cold water cursing the sodding rope for causing such misery.

We finally all got down and headed out quite sharpish after the good soaking and got changed in thankfully still conditions. On the way back to shef through the snow I wondered to myself how being cold wet and miserable got translated by my brain into fun, but it is.

Ace weekend.

By Harry Potter