a non suss team has taken on digging at the botom of router. there dig has the problem of lots of water flowing into it from a pasage known as hypothermia inlet. over the weekend there had been some conversations with the diggers about solutions to this problem and on the 3.11.10 i joined them to see what i thought was the best bet.

on the 9.11.10 robbie shone, Mark richardson, rob middleton, elly sharples and henry rockliff went to fit a dam just bellow hyperthermia inlet. this involved siphoning and concreat and lots of pipe we got most of the job don that night but felt it might be better to leave it longer to set.

on 10.11.10 (nice date) robbie shone, gina moseley, mark richardson,  niko ? and henry rockliff went to finish the job and do some other worktoo. robbie took photos gina helped every one mark and friend went to fit some rock netting to prevent colapess in to the dig. and henry  fitten the pipes to the dam and then more pipes to them and so on till  the water was no longer running thought the floor and out half way down the dig. now most of this work is sorted it will be time to dig.  although not a suss dig if people would like to help out it would be  much appreshiated there ushall night for digging is wednesday and some times at the weekend too.

Ratchel belly

on the 11 July there was a plan to go and apply some fast cemistry tothe top of the too tight pitch beyond joint effort sump two in peak. but

on the morning of the trip the senior cemist realished quit how long the trip was going to be so with very little time to think we (rob evias and henry rockliff) came up with another alturnative place that would

benorfit from the aformentiond appied science. it is a small dig right

at the far end of one of the branches of the stream way that comes in to titan half way down. it is still a good trip to get there with tight

bits and climbs (wet and dry) cralls (wet and try) at the end there are 2 dig sites one in the roof and one in the floor the one i the roof has had very little attention and the one in the foor is a little mud filled tube that has been dug to a calsite blocage witch was unmovable and risistant to hammers etc. this was the rock to be targeted. the return trip to inspect the damage was not till 2.11.10 on this ocation katie

dent, edd willets and henry rockliff went to inspect the damage largly

for educational resons the calsite was about half gravel and half easly

handably lumps these were moved and the way on (digging mud again) now seems to be as clear as mud. know one lays clame to this dig site so if any one fances a go get down there and have a go.