So about 10 MONTHS AGO (see I said it was very belated) a very awesome student caving event called CHECC occured at the SWCC. I wrote an account of the epic trip on the Saturday and the fancy dress but never got round to writing a report about the hilarious events on the sunday…

Here it is… (although my memory is very poor at the best of times…)

After a heavy night of CHECC dancing and drinking on the saturday everyone awoke to a rainy morning on the sunday with various plans being hatched. Being the driver of the incredible Tony Micra I was giving lifts home so trips had to be sorted around the people who were driving. Rosie and Edd, being the ever energetic people that they are, decided upon a suitably hard trip down some unpronouncible welsh cave. I, suffering from a horrific hangover whilst still draped in clown make up, was less enthusiastic. This unenthusiasm (not a word) appeared to wear off on Rosie and Edd as the morning progressed and we ended up embarking on an epic adventure of rain and no pants… (sorry Mike but thats the mancunian word for trousers)

Firstly we stopped off in a lay-by for Edd to show us a cave entrance that was only accessible when the river next to it was very low. A lovely walk across a bridge over a canyon waterfall (whilst reminiscing about the canyon of doom in Slovenia) and a quick wee later we were off on our merry travels again.

After spotting a sign for a whiskey brewery we swerved off a roundabout and into the car park of said brewery. Being the driver and not being able to drink I was still intrigued about the place! Sadly a tour had just begun and we’d have to wait 30 minutes for the next one so we got on the road again.

Being a relative newbie to Wales they then directed me to the entrance to Darren with Tony struggling to get up the hill. As we walked up the path the heavens opened and we, in simple terms, got PISS WET THROUGH. Me being the clumsy bugger that I am, followed after Rosie when she decided to run down the VERY slippy grassy hill to the carpark. This resulted in me slipping horizontally in the air, landing on a spiky bush and hurtling down the hill with Edd and Rosie running full pelt trying not to get taken out too…
After much crying with laughter from everyone and with our clothes absolutely drenched the suggestion of going to Edds grans was formulated, as she lives in the village round the corner! Apparently she’s ‘a very clean woman’ so we decided against popping in for cake and instead drove the long journey home in our underwear… the reduce the chapping that would happen if we remained in jeans the whole way back to sheffield. I’m sure theres a photo knocking about of this horrific site but can’t find it at the moment!

Next we stopped at a castle and waddled like penguins in our soaking trousers… to the gift shop… Having to pay for entry to the castle was too much to ask so some ‘Sheep Poo Paper’ air freshners were bought then we eventually reached Sheffield after a considerable amount of faff!

It was a brilliant day and the fact I can still remember the little details so far on shows how bloody funny it was! Not laughed that hard for ages!