By Twebber

There’s been a reasonable period of nice weather so the water flow in the Dales should not have been too high. It was also the CDG annual dinner this weekend so this was an ideal opportunity to sneak up north and do some diving while all the nothern divers were nursing a Welsh hangover.
Just down from Chapel-le-dale on the Ingleton Road is a layby with some huge beams of wood in it. Parking here and walking down through the feild and the dry river soon finds a hole in the bed of the river on the left hand side. Descending a steep bank of cobbles leads to the water level.
Enter the water and descending about 5m leads to a roomy flooded passage that explains why the river bed above is dry. This is the main Chapel-le-dale river draining the upper part of the valley. Downstream from here its only a little further to the resurgence at God’s Bridge (after this the river is wet.
Follow the line up stream and you can enjoy the large passage, wildlife (fish & shrimps). I had good visibilty – this can change. After a few tighter bits and 160 odd metres, the passage surfaces and an undignified grovel leaves to small aven where you can stand up. Dive line continues to the next section of flooded passageway. This is 95 m to more dry stuff.
I surfaced and turned around as this was the planned turnaround .
Swim back , meet some more fishes and stop at the daylight. The final bit of passage just before the entrance is shallow so I sat at the bottom of the entrance slope for only a little while admiring the view up to the day lit surface. Surfaced and went to find what everyone else had been doing.