By Ellie

The legend of cave mouse:

On Sunday alot of suss and suss friends went down peak cavern. Drove to the tsg, faffed with getting 11 people organised, then walked up to the entrance to ready for our adventure.

As we entered, and went through the first ducks and onto the streamway all was going as per usual, then suddenly me and Lorrie spotted something in the corner of our eyes. Nooo it cant be- but it is! A cave mouse! Wearing his little mini petzl duo he scuttles round, and when all his friends come together and bring the LED’s they have mini raves. But theyre very rare, so you have to keep your eyes extra peeled for them.

More stompy stompy led us to a sump, which both lorrie and sema thought about going under and back again but after much deliberation whilst lying in the sump they decided not to.

Then we went to visit another sump. You had to squeeze down and through the rock and crawl for a bit, on Tom’s return he was attacked with wellie water by Chris, and vice versa.

Finally headed out via the usual watching tourists. Twas a very fine day of caving.

Winnats and P8:

On Monday morning me and Brendan went to Winnat’s head, down the pitches to the active sump. All the climby squeezy bits were fun, more so on the way down, as coming up with an srt kit on and carrying a tackle bag is a quite tiring business, but we got out, in need of lunch before the afternoons caving trip down P8.

Filling myself up with crisps and chocolate we waited for Rosie and Liz to arrive, then got back into our muddy oversuits and headed off for the second cave of the day. P8 was fun as always, we went to a bit I hadnt been to before and I probably wouldn’t be able to find on my own, its like a maze down there.

Waiting at one of the little waterfall bits we saw a cave frog which was wizard.

At about half 5ish we started heading back out, past all the cute lambs and the mother sheep glaring at us.

All in all, a very fun, but very tiring day of caving.