By Alisa

On the weekend of 5/6/7 March me, Rob2, H, Peachey, Rostam + 5 non-SUSSians went to Porthmadogg in North Wales to do some climbing in the sunshine. That’s right folks, we do more than just caving!

On the way there, Rob2 managed to make me throw up due to some impressive driving on crazy winding country roads. We also got introduced to H’s new van – it’s custard and blue! We got to the campsite without further mishap and got some sleep.

The next day was cold and clear. Everyone had a good day’s climbing at some crag whose name sounds like a sneeze (Craig Bwlch y Moch). In the evening we reverted back to our caver roots and crammed ourselves into a small cramped space. Who knew you could fit 10 people into a Skoda Octavia estate?

Sunday was beautiful too. Peachey seemed to spend most of his day trying to avoid the sun (’It burns!’) Perhaps he is a vampire?

All in all, an excellent overground adventure was had by all.