I was very pleased so many lovely caving faces that had turned up to my house party which was a burlesque theme (sexy tights and corsets).
Everyone arrived around 10:00 pm, i think, not quite sure of time after i started drinking at 8:00 so i was in a wonderfly happy state. :)
Also Jeff dressed up as a sexy woman and was wearing a stunning purple corset that braught out the colour in his eyes! and then later after a few drinks wore lorries posh shoes and gave some stunning poses in front of the camera.
i wasnt awake for very long after 2:00am (apart from riding around on Edd’s back in the living room :) ) so i dont know wat else happed that night but im sure that every one had a fantastic time. Also the day after i found some lovely pictures of alisa’s bumb on my camera and she seemed to be on the wall! very confusing! lol
good times.