By Chris P

Some of you may be aware that, along with the Cobden View pub,  some cavers also like the discotech.

With this in mind Sema organised a trip to Corporation, visiting various watering holes along the way. Now for those who’ve not been aquainted with the joy that is Corp let me explain….

On wednesday evenings, one dons ones best white ironed shirt, along with ones bestest, most loved tie and a pair of loafers fit for a king. Wence one is donned to the hilt, one marches along to the fine establisment situated behind the Devonshire Cat. (hark, I hear you cry, this must be a lovely, most appealing of places, being situated so close to the fine ales of the latter pub)

One would not be disappointed.

Certainly the writhing snake of finely dressed gentlemen and ladies queing to enter the establishment could not be wrong.

Corporation was infact, on this night, held in the highest of esteem by what appeared to be everyone in Sheffield and the surrounding areas, causing a queue of epic proportions.

Sadly the sticky Corp juice, STI riddled toilets and the quad ‘vodkas’ (paint stripper) would have to wait another day as noone could be arsed waiting in the snow…

Forever the saviour, Sema kindly invited us all back to her house and with Mike supplying the booze and Tom1 supplying the drinking games (and loosing them) everyone proceeded to get very smashed and naked.

What has been seen cannot, unfortunately, be unseen…

Congrats to Sema for another awesome social I say!