Rob was keen to do the Three Pots so I tagged along with SUSS again because I had nothing better to do. The weekend didn’t start brilliantly: I was over 30 mins late having driven past the railway station three times in my attempt to find H’s house and Rob’s van was several hours late reaching H & Alisa; it didn’t improve with the hour-long search for the cave and Rosie destroying a wall; and then me leaving the metal-work in the cave, leaving Alisa and Tom2 to get lost certainly didn’t help.

Still, Ali, Alisa, H, Rob2, Rosie, Tom2, and I did have a fun late-night trip down Mere Gill. A particular highlight for me was scaring Tom2 shitless, not once but twice. First, in the streamway at the bottom, I lay face-down in the water and played dead and later I jumped out from a corner. Priceless.

Rob managed to convince me to go down King Pot and H & Alisa followed. It was rather hot walking up a hill in PVC oversuits but the cave was worth it. The abuse of ‘Mendip caver’ was finally turned as I loved the tight and crawly sections and it was the best cave of the three. Rob & H got us in and out in six hours, which meant there was time for the party that night (I can’t remember the occasion).

Back at the hut Alisa, H & I drew pity as we sat on the floor, eating from the large pot. Bizarrely Rob refused to join us, using a bowl out of manners or etiquette or something. H and Rosie then ganged up on me asking when I was going to join SUSS. I handed over my tenner and joined the ranks.

Pennyghent was a nice way to finish. The bird-man opposite the Bradford hut showed Alisa & I his birds of prey and then we plodded up the hill in the heat. Ali, Steve, Rosie & Lil Chris rigged the cave for us and again it was Mendip Caver time as everyone (particularly Rob) whined about the entrance crawl. It was nice to be in a splashy cave although the many holes in the streamway did have me worrying about snapping my ankles. Out in five hours and a slightly less sweaty trip back down.

Alisa, H, Rob2 & I managed the Three Pots however a team of three women had done the Three Pots & Three Peaks in 36 hours that weekend too.

PS If you wonder why this is 7 months late, then I’d like to hear a better suggestion of what to do in a non-functioning power station with no work on at 3am.