By Andy Chapman

Me and a few of the Eldon boys (Hibberts, Toogood, Jams and Pemberton assisted by a cast of thousands) have been down Gautries, digging at the minute. A pretty amazing trip and if you’d like to help assist carrying dive bottles to the end, please feel free to ask!!

Anyway, a nice description for you. Through Gautries, to the end, under the mucky duck into Poole chamber. There used to be a sump here but it’s drained recently, leaving an absolutely minging duck which every now and then, sumps completely, making a worrying little sump dive through mostly mud.

This leads on to very mucky passage, up a horrible slope to the first sump. Luckily, this can be siphoned. When we first looked at this, we siphoned it so there was about 2 inches of airspace, I went through first nose against ceiling, bricking it slightly only to discover on the way back, it had siphoned even more so there was about a foot of airspace, damn!! This leads on to another slightly easier duck which leads onto flat out crawling through sloppy mud, yuck!!

This eventually heads up a horrible muddy slope to a heavily draughting dig and to the right is a hole leading down to a sump. This was dived by John Taylor and Jules Barratt and Martyn Grayson is continuing to dive it.

Anyway, this is a nice extension to Gautries and hopefully should make it a bit more popular and take some pressure off P8, We’ll see though. Come on all you SUSS hard nuts, get involved and do some tourist trips down there!!!!