By Ali Arm-Bar

At 8pm on 18/11/09 Mike, Lorrie and I embarked on what would turn out to be a truly epic adventure.  We set off in the dead of mid-evening into the Peak District in a silver automobile – akin to Kit from Knight Rider, but a different colour, and probably better.  Negotiating the treacherous twists of the Snake and Winnats Pass we finally arrived at our destination – a small track on which one can park to visit Sidetrack Cave.  BUT, on this blustery night, our objective was not to visit this cave, but to visit a new one found by Mike and Big Jimmy the week previous.

We walked to the ‘cave’ in what could only be described as pretty strong wind and upon arriving I went “hmm” a lot.  An interesting hole it was, filled with spoil it seemed.  We decided to have a play and empty a bit.  Over the course of the next hour we managed to empty a good metre of spoil and shifted some pretty sizable rocks with the aid of slings.  This was pretty surprising since we had no tools and no gloves so were mincing a bit so we didn’t crush our hands.

All in all I think it was a success.  Lorrie didn’t seem too disturbed by me and Mike playing in a dirty hole and dropping rocks on ourselves and we excavated quite a bit of what looks like an interesting cave.  Fact.