By Rosie

On 7-8th over 20 SUSSians descended on Castleton for a weekend of caving and fireworks.

Most met at the early hour of 8.30 (before I’d ever get up for lectures!) to drive out and get into Peak Cavern in time for 10. 3 trips went for a pleasant trip down there, often bumping into each other to say hi! Some of us even had a picnic….

We also had the mandatory washing of at Buxton Water…

Other trips that day included Titan – White River- Peak Cavern through trip, Western Highway dig team and Hillocks trip.

I decided I hadn’t done enough, so our team walked up to Titan via Cave Dale and kind of got an idea of the view (although it was pretty minging weather!)

Martyn arrived bringing vats of chilli to feed the hoards of people who must have smelt it driving from Sheffield…It was delicious, the only problem was finding space to eat it.

We all headed over to Peak Cavern where we enjoyed the heat of the fire and some pretty fireworks.

The rest of the evening had caving games, climbing, and random fun

The next morning people were still keen to go caving, so off people went to Streaks, Peak Cavern, Giants Hol

I think it was a mighty success!