By Imo

Back to the Dollimores with Tom2, some OUCC members, some UBSS members and some from Abba Uni.

Once more I was reminded of my lack of caving fitness. Its been quite a long time for me in Draenen and my crawling prowess is definately not what it once was. Still as they say – no pain no gain. I pressed on. Its about a 4 hour trip to get to the dig. The dig itself a sand filled passage next to some absolutely wonderful formations, which I was able to capture on video.

These formations at the end of the Dollimores, were also taped on the trip in. The dig is still ongoing, and lacking a well formed plan of action, meant that not as much got done on this trip as really could have given the manpower we had. There is a good draft at the end, but still the air was running thin after several people had been crawling in and out.

I’m confident its the best lead in Draenen I’ve been to so far.