By Tom Bell

On 31st October I got a second look around Ogof Draenen’s gigantic system on a digging trip to the Dolimores series alongside Peter (a chap from Hampshire), Trevor (a friendly local) and three Aberystwyth Uni student cavers, Oli, Henry and Rich. After getting ourselves optimally wet in the entrance series at 11ish we set off for Dollimore’s, cooling off at the three drinking spots along the way. Not feeling too slaughtered by the long crawley sections, we made good progress with the initial load of hauling. This soon opened up to enable Henry to wriggle into it and turn into a one-man digging team scraping away the sand in pro turtle-like fashion.

Before we knew it, 5 bodylengthsworth of our party had managed to scurry into the new passage only to be stopped by a narrow key-hole shaped constriction with a good draft. After some hammering to widen this for us fatties we downed tools and decided to take another shot at it on the next trip when better equipped and rested.

Several rests, chockie bars, malt loaves and drams of whiskey later, we were out and ready to race up the hill to share the good news in the Lamb & Fox some time past 10 o’clock. I’m really glad to have gotten to see such a great extent of pristeen white helectites and other formations.