By Imogen Furlong

Well its been a while since I did any caving on Mendip, and I’ve always found Eastwater cavern to be really rather grim and scary. The last time I went down Eastwater in fact was 10 years ago, and I thought I’d never go down again. But, this weekend and having got a lot of caving under my belt, I was game to go again. So we set off, a brave 7 of us, accross the fields and into the darkness. Leading the way was recently married, Annie Audsley an old SUSSian and Mendip lass.

Eastwater was still dark, but the jovial atmosphere was fantastic and we all pushed pulled and squirmed our way along the slopey passages. Down dolphin pot and to the bottom. I set up a lifeline on a stop decender, in order to practice, as i have my Level2 LCLA day coming up in December. The climbs in the cave are not for those of a nervous dispossition, climbing with some rather epic potentail for falling, in places where I would normally put a rope, made me realise, just why mendip breeds such bold cavers. I felt fat in the cave as well and have vowed to go on a diet!!!

A great sporting trip!