By Rosie Hadfield

Many SUSS bods made the trek down to Somerset for a great weekend of meeting cavers from all over the UK, and the world…Hidden Earth the National Caving Conference.

We had lots of people from the club delivering lectures – Imo on her China and Mexico Expeditions, Dave on  the Mulu Expedition, Rob on the Crete Expediton…and we featured in many others (Dachstein, Vietnam, Draenen…) It was a great oppurtunity to hear about what everyone had been up to and to catch up with a fair few friends.

Saturday night was awesome…the Potholer Beer was superb as usual, and kicked everything off for the stomp. I think Brendan will agree that moshing with someone on your shoulders isn’t the best idea! The noisy area had  a great party tent that continued until the wee small hours.

Competition was fierce in the Speleo Olympics…and SUSS did pretty well – Dave and Rob won the paired assault course, Henry won the knot tying competition, and I won the 30m prussick…sorry if i’ve missed anyone out! I think it might be because we are the only ones to bother entering!

It was worth sticking around for the closing ceremony, just for the hilarious dubbed Hitler film (search for it on youtube)…and to see Imo’s film (which won the video salon) about Rob and Henry digging at Western Highway. Our “photo-gays” entered many photos in the competitions and did quite well. Shockingly, I won the Scurion raffle…good job i was too late to grab a cuppa before Imo’s talk and put the money in the raffle!.

Unfortunately there was ridiculous traffic on the way home, so we all got back at about 1am…ready to start preparing for the many freshers trips! Wahey…bring on next year.