By Rosie Hadfield,

The summer kicked off well on my visit home, where I managed to teach my Dad SRT down a well and explore a nearby mine!

Then it was back to Sheffield to meet up with the Matienzo lot….we set off early on Saturday and finally arrived in Matienzo (North Spain) by Sunday morning. Despite Ben’s car beeping all the time under 50mph, we all got there in one piece.

I spent most of my time in Hole in the Road/Volvo and finally after 2 bolt climbs and lots of surveying; me, Tim and Brendan broke through. It was a large boulder chamber with many cool formations. On the last day I did my first bolt climb, unfortunately it didn’t seem to go anywhere! Me, Ali and Tim did enjoy the swim to get there and avoided being nibbled by eels.

After 2 weeks of baking sun, we headed back to the steel. I had 4 days to clean all my stuff before heading to Dachstein, Austria. After many hours on the road we arrived in Hallstatt and enjoyed the wonders of the HeidFischBar!

The Dachstein Exped is based in a hut called Camelot at 1880m…it takes 3 hours to walk in, but the views are amazing when you got there. The first trip in Orken was pretty successful, Edd and me squeezed past a boulder to find new passage. However, we only got back there once to do the survey…but there is potential for next year.

I did my first longer trips down Burnie’s – and strangely enjoyed them! We had a few interesting experiences, such as a rope coring on us; and very high water at times. I never got to the bottom of What You Got Pot, but I guess I should save something for next year.

After 3 weeks on the mountain, it was time to head to Slovenia where we met the Suss posse. Our first destination was the Julian Alps – where time was spent walking, climbing and canyoning. We then went down south to spend some more time underground.

I was lucky enough to cave with a slovene called Milan – it is amazing how much bang they use over there! It was a really chilled out couple of weeks before heading back via France. It seemed rude not to climb or canyon, so we made sure we did the Furon Express and visited Font.

That’s a brief overview of my summer…there will be a more detailed report to follow, hopefully with piccies.