By Henry Rockcliff
The dig continued up hill with ever more rock in the fill this makes the digging harder but still nothing like as hard as dragging the fill up the hill.

the air seemed to hold up dispite a much bigger team although we did get though some 17-18 ah of power at about 11-15 v the new fan shift alot more air and uses less power so we had it on most of the time.

i think i will turn my atention to reducing the friction of the buckets next. There is alot of room for improvement, but it would be better still if it just went, so i did not have too.

The next trip looks like it might be a long way off as i am in Crete for a bit then there is a small chance i might get a trip in be for a head off to slovinia (via: norfolk, holland, belgium, lux, germany cz, austria, slovaki, hungry and slovinia) on our tandem but we are flying home after some caving though but not till 18th sep so sad though it is it is unlikely there will be any digging till october sorry.

Those attending:

dave nixon (moose)
kate nixon
rob eavis
sam stringer
jon (form york sorry i dont know your name)
kevin franas
henry rockcliff