By Tim Webber

When offered a chance to dive the newly opened Bagshaw resurgance, i jumped at it.

The resurgence itself is in the middle of the village and spews out of a pipe with a mined sluice/level. Enter that to find dive base and the pool of water.

A steel ladder takes you down the pot, useful on the way out as fins are not normally worn on this dive, then follow the guide line past an air bell and the section that JT and SC have recently excavated. The excavated section is a tad on the tight side and due to slightly higher flow levels from normal, the vis was poor.

Taking the second junction on the left I surfaced and an undignified crawl in dive kit led to the Drought series. Here we dekitted and I discovered that I had not read the small print in the invite.

A few hours of digging later we returned, had a  brew and dived out.